January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

2011 is already off to a rockin' start with my blog making it as a finalist in the Canadian Food Blog Awards in the Best Recipe category! (this news momentarily numbed the pain of the deep cut in my pinky finger from my amazing new -- and clearly very sharp -- set of cooks' knives). 

I am honoured and humbled by this recognition and pleased that people come by to read and try these recipes. This blog has helped me find real enjoyment in the kitchen and it has challenged me to find new and diverse recipes to expand my cooking skills (properly using the previously mentioned knives is now firmly on my 2011 to do list) and my taste buds. 

My husband jokes that once I have made a recipe, he'll never have it again because I'm always looking for new things to blog about, but here's a list of some of my favourites from this year, and, if he's good, maybe, I might make them again!

Pecan Pie -- the most popular post this year, and for good reason! A sweet, decadent, classic pecan pie.

Blueberry Buttermilk Pancakes -- buttermilk makes everything better and these pancakes were no exception. Air bubbles creeped through this batter and made for light, fluffy pancakes.

Spinach Soup -- is eating more greens one of your New Year resolutions? This soup is an easy and delicious way to get them in your diet.

Roast Chicken -- just like the grocery store. Yum.

Turkey Cannelloni  -- the most complex thing I have ever made and definitely worth the effort.

Double Tomato Bruschetta  -- kick up your regular bruschetta with this two tomato version with plum and sundried 

Apple Pie with Caramel Sauce -- this lattice crust is not only impressive, but it lets the sweet, rich caramel sauce seep into every crevice

Summer Garden Pasta -- light and simple, perfect for a summer evening with friends

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