July 20, 2010

Icing Success!

Do you remember the icing worms? They were a disaster.

But these cupcakes! These delicious ones, made out of our family birthday cake recipe and mocha buttercream icing -- these not only tasted great, they were pretty!

What did I do differently? First, I watched a lot of videos on YouTube. I find this to be a tremendous resource when learning a new technique.

Second, I made a smoother icing that was more pipe-able.

Finally, I got the proper tools. Last time, I used a really small tip with a really thick icing. For these, I got a 1M icing tip, which is significantly larger and is even called the standard cupcake swirl tip. 

I know I'll continue to improve, but I wanted to share my progress!


  1. L!! This looks amazing! Great job!

  2. Lins, those look amazing! I think we should open up TO Cupcakes and ride on the success of DC Cupcakes..what do you say???



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