November 4, 2009

It Started With the Mixer

It all started with the mixer. The coveted Kitchen Aid stand mixer, so beautiful in design that you almost didn't want to use it. Just having it sit on the countertop made me feel like a professional cook, but then, I realized I wanted to use it. Constantly. I started clipping recipes and thinking about how I could use them with the mixer. Then, I bought icing tips and icing bags, I got cupcake cookbooks and recipe books and started reading other bloggers and getting ideas from them. The snowball just wouldn't stop, and then, I made hamburger cupcakes.

I admit, it was the praise that got me. People oohed and ahhed and I was smitten with the new found attention I was receiving.

Who knew that turning into a housewife was something to be so proud of and so admired? What should I make this weekend?

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